Is Online Blackjack Legal?

January 1, 2020

Blackjack is a popular gambling card game with some of the highest player-win potentials in the world (some sources mark this at 99.9%) – if the best basic strategies are employed. As with many other traditional card games such as poker, rummy and baccarat, Blackjack has become a familiar sight in online betting sites. 

The question remains however, is online Blackjack legal? This largely depends on which part of the world users hail from. 

Europe & Australia 

Online and offline gambling is legal in Europe and Australia (along with New Zealand). The legality of online gambling is closely monitored by cyber enforcement authorities, rendering them well-regulated in protecting the safety of players. Many gambling headquarters are based in European countries such as Malta & Cyprus.


The Public Gaming Act has remained in effect since 1867. This document essentially prohibits the practice of gambling. However, the Victorian statute has not been explicitly enforced.  Similarly, the Information Technology Act (ITA) set up in 2000 bans any online moral corruption of Indian citizens – but this does not explicitly incriminate gambling websites. 

As such, online gambling is still legal and unregulated for Indian citizens.

Other Parts of Asia

Countries such as China & Singapore have outlawed online gambling. Nationwide measures prevent citizens from accessing online gambling platforms.

The legal stance on online gambling in Asia remains highly diversified, so it is important for players to check out respective national policies. 


There are no specific Federal laws that ban online gambling however, nine states have declared the outlawing of online gambling. These states include Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington & Wisconsin.

Although these clampdowns are primarily targeted at gambling organizations, it is essential to check your local state laws.  

Staying On the Alert!

It is important for online Blackjack players to choose trustworthy sites while being within the legal playing age. It is also essential to check out the site ratings and reviews before committing to a gambling account. 

Secure payment options are another thing to look out for to ensure that your money is safely transacted during the course of gambling. Alternatively, players may consider free-to-play sites where in-game tokens are used in lieu of real currency. 

Online Blackjack is the digital version of a classic, which can be extremely fulfilling when played responsibly.